The new information about vacuum bag film

These days everyone just speaks about the Earth pollution with food packaging. We all understand that we can not avoid plastic packaging in food industry to ensure a long product shelf life. We have a solution of this problem! “AZ-Pack”, company is a leading packaging manufacturer in the Baltic States and sells many types of packaging materials for food products and non-food products for example: vacuum bags, grill bags, Bag in Box, standup pouches and etc. We would like to…

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AZ-Pack continues its investment in innovation and on summer 2018 will introduce an innovative and powerful Maverick Dream Machine.

Investing into world leading machinery lets us not only implement innovative solutions and ensure our competitiveness in the market, but also brings our company vision to life – being a growing and developing top quality production company that ensures environmental protection and good manufacturing practices.

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NEW! – PP containers 186 series for safe and quality food packaging!

We introduce polypropylene (PP) containers made for safe and quality food packaging that can be used from -40° C up to +120° C or in a microwave oven.

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