Investing into world leading machinery lets us not only implement innovative solutions and ensure our competitiveness in the market, but also brings our company vision to life – being a growing and developing top quality production company that ensures environmental protection and good manufacturing practices. AZ-Pack continues its investment in innovation and on summer 2018 will introduce an innovative and powerful Maverick Dream Machine. It’s a 1 lane automatic Bag-In-Box machine that makes for a simple yet efficient production process.


Bag-in-Box is one of the ways to pack liquids. A bag, usually comprised of several layers, makes a basis for this packaging. This bag is usually placed into a carton box, thus making it a convenient packaging for liquids.

Why choose Bag-In-Box?

  • Our company’s packaging complies with the requirements of Regulation No 10/2011.
  • Outer bag PA/EVOH/PE can be used at temperatures up to 100° C, inner bag PE – up to 100° C, tap HDPE – up to 100° C, tap PP – up to 120° C. (As certified in laboratory.)
  • Packaging is made of PA/EVOH/PE (outer bag) + PE (inner bag) film, but not of PE/EVOH/PE+PE! Why is it important? Because the outer bag is made of 14 layers and 2 of them are PA which makes the bag very resistant to the external environment.
  • For many years we are working in a packaging market and know very well how to produce Bag-In-Box for liquids, choosing the right decisions and materials for every product.
  • We do offer a very competitive price range. Best quality and price ration in Baltic region.