Grill bags

Doy-Pack type bags are perfectly suitable for packing various meat, fish and other baked foods as well. The packaging is fitted to the end users who want to bring prepared food home and, if needed, heat it in an oven up to 100° С, or in a microwave oven up to 600 W.


Why choose Grill-Bag?

  • The stand up pouches are characterized by their light weight, convenient storage and usage.
  • The package keeps the product hot and does not effect it’s taste qualities.
  • The packaging is economical, allowing to save transportation and warehousing costs.
  • The Grill-Bag has a single or double zip lock that helps to ensure the characteristics of an exceptionally hermetic package.
  • The incision at the side of the bag is a convenient solution for the easy tearing off the upper part of the bag.
  • The packaging can have a functional handle on its upper part.

Additional info

  • The bags have a base enabling them to stand firmly in a vertical position.
  • Bags of different thicknesses and sizes are available.
  • Prints of up to 8 colours.

Available parameters

  • Total width: 110 / 130 / 150 / 160 / 175 / 200 / 220 / 310 mm.
  • Bottom width: 35 to 75 mm x 2.
  • Height: up to 500 mm and more.
  • Thickness: 50 to 240 μm.
  • With an euro hole for convenient hanging.
  • With flexographic print.
Norm Pack

All packages are certified by the Normpack association’s certificate, which ensures that our offering production meets all the highest European standards for food contact materials.