Vacuum bags


We are one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum bags in Lithuania with long-term international experience. We export bags to more than 20 countries worldwide. We work with main retail chains, distributors, food processing companies, Horeca companies and end users. Bags are perfectly suitable for packing meat products, cheese, fish and seafood, poultry, frozen products, pastry products and medical devices.

Every year, we invest in new equipment, increasing our production capacity, to ensure a quality of production and a fast execution of orders.



We produce vacuum bags of various thicknesses, dimensions and structures – transparent, metallized, with flexographic printing, as well as for cooking, refrigeration or bakery products. Structure can be coextruded (PA / PE, PA / EVOH / PE) or laminated (PET + PE, OPA + PE, PET + PE / EVOH / PE, OPP + PE, etc.), or it can be medium or high barrier depending on the clients needs and what product should be packed.

We cooperate with the largest printing companies in the country, which ensure the highest quality of printing.

Vacuum bags are made of 9-layer PA/PE/PA/PE film used for the packaging of products in order to extend their shelf life. This packaging protects the product from environmental influences (oxygen and water vapour), mechanical damage and the loss of moisture. Therefore products remain fresh and retain their quality and appearance traits for a longer period of time.

The bags are made of laminated film or film made by way of co-extrusion. The film of our vacuum bags has an unique additive in its formula: metallocene polyethylene, mPE. Thanks to this additive, vacuum bags can be fused perfectly even in extreme conditions where the effect of salt, vinegar or fat is present, which is of great importance in packing meat or fish products.


We supply embossed vacuum bags that are suitable and specifically designed for household use and often are used in Horeca sector. These bags have a special embossed surface, creating channels for air and they can be closed with external suction vacuuming machines.

Thickness is 70/90 microns.

Why should you choose vacuum bags?

  • Extremely transparent and firm.
  • A good water and water vapour barrier.
  • A good smell and aroma barrier.
  • Great fusion even in difficult conditions.
  • We producing bags with extra functions –  “zip-lock” for multiple opening,  cuts for “easy open”, “Euro” hole for hanging, ventilation hole.
Norm Pack

All packages are certified by the Normpack association’s certificate, which ensures that our offering production meets all the highest European standards for food contact materials.

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