Quality and Innovation

We are focused to the highest quality of the packaging, so we only use raw materials from tested and certified European manufacturers in the production of packaging. The quality of production is confirmed by certificates issued by international laboratories and associations, which ensure that the packaging meets all the highest European requirements for materials used in contact with food.

In order to ensure high packaging quality for our customers, every year we invest in new equipment and quality improvement, perform necessary laboratory tests and review and improve production processes.

We take full responsibility for stability and sustainability, we are committed to improving environmental protection, reducing the impact on CO2 emissions and contributing to global climate improvement initiatives – reducing the direct and indirect impact on emissions and we are implementing energy and other energy saving, environmental protection and assurance initiatives.

in 2021 April 8 UAB “AZ-Pack” has implemented ISO 9001:2015 quality management and ISO 14001:2015 environmental management systems. The introduction of the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system made it possible to improve the quality of production and company services and ensure that the company’s products effectively meet the requirements of customers and legislation.

Currently, we have 6 lines of production equipment in the technical base. 3 lines are for the production of Bag-in-Box and Stand-up-Pouch packaging, the other 3 lines are for the production of vacuum bags and Doy-Pack packaging.

Bag-In-Box packaging production line

In the summer of 2018, we added an innovative and powerful „Maverick Dream Machine“ production line for Bag-In-Box packaging, incorporating state-of-the-art technology to deliver extremely high efficiency, product quality and a flexible manufacturing process.

Doy-Pack production line

At the end of 2019, we purchased new equipment to produce Doy-Pack packaging. New equipment allows us to produce Pocket ZIP pouches with a special closure that opens on the side of the pouch (most standard ZIP pouches open upwards). We can also produce bags with rounded corners and smaller size bags. Minimum bag width 80 mm.

Vacuum bags production line

In the spring of 2019, we purchased new equipment for vacuum bags. New equipment provides greater efficiency and has a reliable quality tracking system.
Thanks to this equipment we can produce large bags up to 1200 mm wide and up to 3000 mm long. Wider vacuum bags are suitable for transporting, storing consumer goods, household goods, clothing, food or liquids.

Bag-in-Box and Stand up Pouch production line

In 2023, AZ-Pack invested in new Bag-in Box equipment PPM (Pro Project Machinery). New, advanced equipment has doubled the production efficiency and production volume of Bag-in-Box packaging and expanded our product range with another packaging solution for liquids - Stand-Up-Pouch.


Paying considerable attention to packaging that would meet expectations, we invest into the research of manufactured and sold packaging, which allows us to justify the key packaging quality indicators, as the top quality of our products is what matters the most. Today we are happy that our company is a member of Normpack, the Swedish trade and industry association, uniting more than 200 members representing their activities in different production steps, and products in contact with food. Thanks to the research done by the Swedish-based association, compliance with the quality and safety requirements for raw materials used in the international market and final production is ensured. The quality of AZ-Pack’s production is also justified by the certificates issued by this association, ensuring that the offered production is in compliance with all the highest standards applicable in Europe for the materials used in contact with food, so, consumers choosing a product, a package of which is certified by the Normpack association, can be sure that the package is safe and can be in contact with food, without any negative impact on both the food product and human health.

Good manufacturing practice. By the Good Manufacturing Practice certificate No. 15-01, AZ-Pack, JCS confirms that it manufactures plastic packaging, products made of plastic materials, intended for the packaging of goods: plastic bags, disposable dishes suitable for contact with food, following the requirements of the European Parliament and Council Regulation EC (No. 2023/2006), the Hygiene Standard of Lithuania HN 16: 2011, and the Good Manufacturing Practice Rules for the Materials and Products Suitable for Contact with Food (Lithuanian Packaging Association, 2007). The GMP quality system is intended to ensure that factors able to affect the product quality were under control, and that such control was directed towards the reduction and elimination of the negative quality aspects, and prevention thereof.

CEN Standard EN 134282004 defines the packaging assessment procedure in order to ensure that the weight and (or) volume of the material comprising of the packaging is minimum, but sufficient to ensure:

  • the packaging production process;
  • the packaging functionality throughout the whole supply and usage chain: product prepackaging, logistics, warehousing, sales, unpacking;
  • safety and hygiene, in terms of both the product and the consumer;
  • the acceptability of the packaged product to the consumer.

This standard is based on the critical area that can be achieved by reducing the amount of material used. If the substance were further reduced, it would not meet one of the criteria listed. If no critical area is reached, the amount of material used should be further reduced.

Since 2013  company belongs to the Scandinavian Association of Norwegian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce.

The ISO 9001:2015 quality management system helped improve the quality of production and company services and ensure that the company’s products effectively meet the requirements of customers and legislation.

ISO 14001:2015 – an internationally recognized environmental standard confirms the company’s commitment to reducing environmental impact by applying best international practices.

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