Bag-In-Box packaging for liquids


Bag-in-Box is one of the best solutions to pack bigger amount of liquids. The basis of this package is a bag, usually made up of several layers, to protect filled liquid. For the convenience of the consumer, the bag is often placed in carton box.

Bag-In-Box bags for liquids


Bag-In-Box pakuotės pagrindas – dvigubas maišelis, kurio išorinė dalis sudaryta iš itin saugios ir tvirtos daugiasluoksnės plėvelės. Vidinis pakuotės maišelis užtikrina ilgesnį produkto galiojimo laiką atidarius pakuotę. Maišeliai gali būti skaidrūs arba metalizuoti. 

Bag-in-box pakuotės maišelio viduryje arba krašte gali būti integruotas kranelis arba kamštelis. Speciali plėvelė ir integruotas kranelis neleidžia patekti orui į pripildyto maišelio vidų.

Vartotojų patogumui maišelis dažniausiai dedamas į gofrokartono dėžę – taip gaunama funkcionali ir praktiška pakuotė.

BAG-IN-BOX bags are usually used for

  • juice, water, wine, cider;
  • sauces, tomato sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise;
  • syrup, milk, cream;
  • nutritional oil;
  • egg mass;
  • cosmetics;
  • household chemicals.

Why choose Bag-In-Box?

  • Our company’s packaging complies with the requirements of Regulation No 10/2011.
  • Outer bag PA/EVOH/PE can be used at temperatures up to 100° C, inner bag PE – up to 100° C, tap HDPE – up to 100° C, tap PP – up to 120° C. (As certified in laboratory.)
  • Packaging is made of PA/EVOH/PE (outer bag) + PE (inner bag) film, but not of PE/EVOH/PE+PE! Why is it important? Because the outer bag is made of 14 layers and 2 of them are PA which makes the bag very resistant to the external environment.
  • For many years we are working in a packaging market and know very well how to produce Bag-In-Box for liquids, choosing the right decisions and materials for every product.
  • We do offer a very competitive price range. Best quality and price ration in Baltic region.



3 l265 x 350 mm
5 l320 x 400 mm
10 l400 x 500 mm
20 l480 x 620 mm
220 l1000 x 1600 mm

Available bag structure:

  • PA / EVOH / PE + PE (inner layer);
  • PET / METAL PET / PE + PE (inner layer);
  • PA / PE + PE (inner layer);
  • PE / EVOH / PE + PE (inner layer).
Norm Pack

All packages are certified by the Normpack association’s certificate, which ensures that our offering production meets all the highest European standards for food contact materials.

We also accept orders according to the customer’s desired capacity, size and structure.