Bag-In-Box packaging for liquids


It is a reliable, convenient and sustainable liquid packaging solution. Compared to other liquid food and non-food containers, both empty and filled BAG-IN-BOX packages take up less space during transport or storage, thus saving on logistics and storage costs. The packaging is made so that it would be easy to empty the content of the bag, thus reduce food waste.


BAG-IN-BOX bags are usually used for juice, water, wine, cider; sauces, tomato sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise; syrup, milk, cream; nutritional oil; egg mass; cosmetics; household chemicals.

AZ-Pack is the only company in the Baltic States that produces BAG-IN-BOX packaging. We are supplying a complete BAG-IN-BOX packaging for different markets in Europe, Eurasia and Africa.

We can offer various films and taps according different market needs. Raw material, that used for our Bag-in-Box bags production is a high technology product, made by well known German and Austrian producers.

Packaging is producing with modern equipment, so we can provide our customers with the highest quality, most advanced technology and reliable cooperation.

Bag-In-Box bags for liquids


The base of BAG-IN-BOX packaging is a bag, that consists of 2 layers: inner and outer layer. Inner layer of the bag could be with oxygen absorber, that absorbs oxygen from liquid filled bag, so product could stay fresh for longer time without changing taste and color. This point is mostly important for wine producers, but also could be suitable for other kind of liquids. Such kind of bag is usually placed into a carton box to have a convenient using.

We use European taps from producer “Itap”, but also could offer wider range of different kind of taps for different liquids to assure simplifies use of packaging. Taps can be made in middle or corner of the bag 


  • Preserves and protects the quality of product;
  • Significant savings on shipping and storage costs;
  • Reduces overall carbon footprint, as compared to other packaging options;
  • Less packaging material than rigid packaging;
  • Easily dispensable longer shelf life.


Packaging is made of PA/EVOH/PE (outer bag) + PE (inner bag) film. The outer bag is made of 14 layers and 2 of them are PA which makes the bag very resistant to the external environment. Our company’s packaging complies with the requirements of Regulation No 10/2011. We can offer transparent and metalized Bag-in-Box bags. Transparent Bag-in-Box bags can be filled with both – cold and hot (up to 100 °C) liquid. 

Outer bag PA/EVOH/PE can be used at temperatures up to 100° C, inner bag PE – up to 100° C, tap HDPE – up to 100° C, tap PP – up to 120° C. (As certified in laboratory.). Inner layer bag’s structure is LLLDPE. Inner bag could be with or without oxygen absorber. 

We are proud to be among the few providers in the world that are able to produce BAG-in-BOX bags from 3 different layers. It means – every layer can be made by chosen different material. More layers provide a higher protection. Standard bags are made from 2 layers. We are able to supply aseptic bags, that are used for cold filling systems.

Capacity: Dimensions:
3 l 265 x 350 mm
5 l 320 x 400 mm
10 l 400 x 500 mm
20 l 480 x 620 mm
220 l 1000 x 1600 mm


Available bag structure:

  • PA / EVOH / PE + PE (inner layer);
  • PET / METAL PET / PE + PE (inner layer);
  • PA / PE + PE (inner layer);
  • PE / EVOH / PE + PE (inner layer).
Norm Pack

All packages are certified by the Normpack association’s certificate, which ensures that our offering production meets all the highest European standards for food contact materials.

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