PP containers


We supply high-quality PP (polypropylene) containers that are suitable for various foods such as salads, dairy and meat products, vegetables and other food products. The containers are practical and flexible, are characterized by their tightness and do not let liquids such as oil or water through; they are suitable for freezing and heating up in the microwave (from -40°C to +120°C).

We supply polypropylene containers to the largest supermarket chains in Lithuania, as well as to meat and fish processing companies and dairies. The containers are made of a recyclable material – polypropylene – and are therefore not only harmless to health, but are also considered environmentally friendly packaging. Capacity: 350ml 500ml 750ml 1000ml

Suitable for:

  • Salad and semi-finished products
  • Cheese, sour cream, sauces
  • Various meat products
  • Fish and sea food

More information:

  • No secondary packaging needed;
  • special form is used to open and close the jars, which makes the jars extremely easy to close and open;
  • Supplied with lids;
  • Minimum order quantity is 500 pcs. and more depending on capacity and dimensions.


Hermetic containers and buckets are made of high quality polypropylene. The containers are extremely tight, making them ideal for direct contact with watery, acidic, fat-containing foods at room temperature and lower temperatures. The special lid protects against liquid spills, making these jars extremely safe and reliable, perfect for products such as honey or dairy products. We can offer different size and capacity jars.
Hermetic buckets and buckets

Suitable for:

  • For salad
  • For cottage cheese, sour cream, sauces
  • For spreads, cheeses
  • For various meat and fish products
  • For berries, fruits, vegetables, spices
  • For cheese and other semi-finished products
  • For freezing

More information:

  • No secondary packaging required.
  • Packed together with lids.
  • Containers can be round or rectangular
  • The minimum order quantity depends on the capacity of the containers.
  • Capacity from 80 ml to 2000 ml.
Norm Pack

All packages are certified by the Normpack association’s certificate, which ensures that our offering production meets all the highest European standards for food contact materials.

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