About us

AZ-Pack, Ltd. specializes in packaging materials market. The main activity of the company includes production and sales of different kind of vacuum bags, Doy-Pack standing pouches with zipper locks, Fresh Pack PP containers and Bag-In-Box bags with different fitments for packaging different kind of liquids.

The company’s activities are not limited to production only. By representing Lithuanian and foreign companies, we are able to offer our clients an exceptionally wide quality product range as well as ensuring continuous supply.

We have been providing professional packaging production services for many years — that’s why we realize the importance of pursuing defined goals and staying faithful to the direction chosen at the beginning of the company’s activity. Representing the professionals in our field, we have implemented our long-term strategy: to supply packaging characterized by the most advanced technological solutions to the market. We shall continue to move in the chosen direction, as clients, who strive for the highest quality, oblige us to search for optimum solutions ensuring the best quality-price ratio.

Participation at international exhibitions and cooperation with the largest international companies allow us to provide our clients with the newest packaging solutions and methods. Our production’s quality, speed in completing orders, orientation towards the latest technologies, and the ability to respond to innovation in the market professionally and present it to the Lithuanian market help us maintain long-term relationships with our clients.

Today we sell our products not only in the Lithuanian market but also cooperate successfully and supply our production all over Europe and beyond.


To become a professional company manufacturing quality production by ensuring the top quality of products and meeting the environmental protection requirements, and implementing the Harmonised Standards.


Through an open and responsible dialogue, to be a reliable business partner that searches for, and ensures, the best packaging solution, and the top quality of its products.


Long-term experience in the packaging production sector allows us to offer our clients packaging solutions, which meet their expectations. We carry out our activity following values and principles that help us not only to pursue determined goals, but also to remain faithful to the direction chosen at the beginning of the company’s activity.


Using accumulated knowledge and gained experience in order to make the best decisions.

Analysis of products based on research and tests that allow the assessment of the products’ quality parameters and later improvement.



Striving to ensure smooth dialogue with clients and partners based on respect and understanding.

Respect for, and responsibility to, people and the environment.

 Production and supply of top quality products.

Making the best decisions, favourable to both the company and the clients.

The formation of a socially responsible company.



Searching and implementing innovative solutions that ensures competitiveness in the market.

Choosing the optimal solutions ensuring the best quality-price ratio.


Presenting the Lithuanian and foreign markets with new products and solutions, able to generate the value added.

Expansion of the operation and integration into new international markets.

 Cooperating with international organizations, associations.

Participating in local and international exhibitions.


Realization of the determined vision, mission, and goals.

Making and implementing innovative decisions.

Striving for continuous improvement.