Bigger manufacturing and production capacity, new packaging capabilities

To increase the productivity of production and to offer our customers even more packaging solutions at the end of May in 2019, we upgraded one of the packaging production lines and acquired a new generation of equipment for vacuum bag production. Modern equipment is distinguished by a reliable quality tracking system, new packaging solutions and increased production efficiency. By constantly investing in new equipment, we can better meet customer needs and implement packaging solutions from A to Z.

  • The quality tracking system installed in the unit allows us manufacture high quality vacuum bags.
  • New equipment allows us to manufacture vacuum bags up to twice size in width (1200 mm) and up to 3000 mm in length. Wider vacuum bags are suitable for: transportation, storage of consumer goods, household goods, clothes, food products or liquids.
  • Innovative device technology ensures higher production efficiency, enabling more efficient execution of orders and faster delivery times.
  • We are constantly looking for solutions that best meet the requirements of environmental and sustainable standards, and with the help of modern equipment we can produce the highest quality packages with minimal input costs.

Technical characteristics and possibilities of vacuum bags

Purposeconsumer goods, household goods, clothing, food products or liquids. 
WidthUp to 1200 mm 
LenghtUp to 3000 mm 
Thicknes50 – 240 μm 
Film structureMultilayer PA / PE; PA / EVOH / PE; PET / PE and others 
Bag shapeRectangular vacuum bag sealed. 
Additional capabilitiesEURO hole, handle, bite for opening. 
Printing capabilitiesTransparent / monochrome / with print (up to 10 colors) 
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