Company AZ-Pack offers sustainable packaging solutions. Same package quality but less raw materials

These days everyone just speaks about the Earth pollution with food packaging.
We all understand that we can not avoid plastic packaging in food industry to ensure a long product shelf life.

We have a solution of this problem!

“AZ-Pack”, company is a leading packaging manufacturer in the Baltic States and sells many types of packaging materials for food products and non-food products for example: vacuum bags, grill bags, Bag in Box, standup pouches and etc.

We would like to offer our 50my vacuum bag which meets all 70microns vacuum bag requirements! Why should we use thicker structure and pollute nature?

Attention: thicker bag does not mean better quality!

Advantages of our 50my vacuum bag:

  • 50my bag consists of 9 layers- PA/TIE/PE/PE/TIE/PA/TIE/PE/PE , while most of other suppliers can only offer up to 7 layers, or even 5 layers. More layers means stronger film!
  • Our vacuum bags has 2 layers of PA inside the film, so in case one layer would be damaged-the other layer still keep the barrier;
  • 50my vacuum bag has metalocene polyethylene in the composition, which gives stronger seals even in very difficult conditions, like salt, vinegar or oil.
  • Raw material is made of chemical compounds supplied by reliable partners like “Exxon Mibil” and “BASF”
  • This film is produced according to the newest technology in packaging manufacturing.
  • Our vacuum bags are certified by COBRA laboratory, and has Normpack certificate, that certifies products and guaranties that our product meets all the highest requirements for food packaging.
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