The company AZ-Pack, UAB improves the microclimate in the production premises

A modern natural cooling system was installed in the production premises of AZ-Pack in May 2020, to ensure a healthy working environment for employees.

The company’s production facilities currently have 6 production lines. With the increase of production volumes and the expansion of the technical equipment base every year, the indoor microclimate is a very important point. A high-quality microclimate directly affects the efficiency of all production work, the health of the company’s employees, and also helps to ensure the hygiene of the packaging produced, which is especially important when working with the food industry.

The natural cooling system was chosen to ensure a high-quality microclimate of the company’s premises. This system differs from traditional air conditioning systems as the indoor air is cooled in an environmentally friendly way, using only natural tap water, without the use of synthetic materials, polluting gases such as freon and glycol.

The operation principle of the system is based on the physical properties of water and air. As warm air passes through wet filters, the water evaporates naturally into the air. The air which is leaving the system is cooler after it gives off the heat and energy needed to evaporate the water. The system cools the air and cleans possible microbes and pollutants that enter from the outside and removes warm air from the inside. The premises are provided with cool, filtered air and appropriate relative humidity is maintained.

The solution based on modern technology improved the company’s energy efficiency. Only 20% of the energy is now used to cool the air compared with normal conditioning systems that were used before. Lower energy consumption is not only economically beneficial but also environmentally friendly.

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